RECOMB proceedings will be accessible to registered participants:

Free access to RECOMB proceedings, courtesy of Springer until May 19th

Program timetable

Saturday April 21st

  • Registration


  • Welcome Address


  • Peter Campbell (Keynote)


    Clonal dynamics of normal human blood production

  • 1. Cancer


    Chair: Ben Raphael

  • Coffee break


  • 2. Sequencing


    Chair: Veli Makinen

  • Lunch break


  • Nevan Krogan (Keynote)


  • 3. Proteomics session


    Chair: Niko Beerenwinkel

  • Coffee break


  • 4. Deep Learning


    Chair: Jian Ma
    Sponsored by IBM Research

Sunday April 22rd

Monday April 23rd

Tuesday April 24th

The scientific program also includes 150 selected posters.

Session 1 – Cancer

Session 2 – Sequencing

Session 3 – Proteomics

Session 4 – Deep learning – Sponsored by IBM Research

Session 5 – Cross-species Functional Genomics

Session 6 – Algorithmic foundations – Sponsored by CNRS

    Chair: Paul Medvedev
  • Sharma V. Thankachan, Chaitanya Aluru, Sriram P. Chockalingam and Srinivas AluruAlgorithmic Framework for Approximate Matching Under Bounded Edits with Applications to Sequence Analysis
  • Anna Kuosmanen, Topi Paavilainen, Travis Gagie, Rayan Chikhi, Alexandru I. Tomescu and Veli MäkinenUsing Minimum Path Cover to Boost Dynamic Programming on DAGs: Co-Linear Chaining Extended
  • Ali Ebrahimpour Boroojeny, Akash Shrestha, Ali Sharifi-Zarchi, Suzanne Gallagher, S. Cenk Sahinalp and Hamidreza ChitsazGTED: Graph Traversal Edit Distance
  • Yaron OrensteinReverse de Bruijn: Utilizing Reverse Peptide Synthesis to Cover All Amino Acid k-mers

Session 7 – Genome Organization

Session 8 – Cancer Phylogenetics

Session 9 – Evolution

    Chair: Teresa Przytycka
  • Sebastien Roch and Kun-Chieh WangCircular Networks from Distorted Metrics
  • Gary Larson, Scott Schmidler and Jeffrey ThorneModeling Dependence in Evolutionary Inference for Proteins

Session 10 – Genetics and Association Studies

    Chair: Russell Schwartz
  • Tyler Joseph and Itsik Pe’ErInference of population structure from ancient DNA
  • Yue Wu, Eleazar Eskin and Sriram SankararamanA unifying framework for summary statistics imputation
  • Elior Rahmani, Regev Schweiger, Saharon Rosset, Sriram Sankararaman and Eran HalperinTensor Composition Analysis Detects Cell-Type Specific Associations in Epigenetic Studies
  • Tyler Cowman and Mehmet Koyuturk[Highlight] Prioritizing Tests of Epistasis Through Hierarchical Representation of Genomic Redundancies

Session 11 – Single-cell Analysis

Session 12 – Metagenomics and Microbiome

    Chair: Fereydoun Hormozdiari
  • Anton Bankevich and Pavel PevznerLong Reads Enable Accurate Estimates Of Complexity Of Metagenomes
  • Zhemin Zhou, Nina Luhmann, Nabil-Fareed Alikhan, Christopher Quince and Mark AchtmanAccurate Reconstruction of Microbial Strains Using Representative Reference Genomes
  • Jasmijn Baaijens, Zine El Aabidine Amal, Eric Rivals and Alexander Schoenhuth[Highlight] De Novo Viral Quasispecies Assembly using Overlap Graphs

Session 13 – Functional Genomics and Metagenomics

Session 14 – Learning and Inference

    Chair: Fabio Vandin
  • Yuriy Sverchkov, Yi-Hsuan Ho, Audrey Gasch and Mark CravenContext-Specific Nested Effects Models
  • Cyril Galitzine, Pierre Jean Beltran, Ileana Cristea and Olga VitekStatistical inference of peroxisome dynamics
  • Franziska Görtler, Stefan Solbrig, Tilo Wettig, Peter J. Oefner, Rainer Spang and Michael AltenbuchingerLoss-function learning for digital tissue deconvolution
  • Nima Aghaeepour, Edward Ganio, David McIlwain, Amy Tsai, Martha Tingle, Sofie Van Gassen, Dyani Gaudilliere, Quantin Baca, Leslie McNeil, Robin Okada, Mohammad Sajjad Ghaemi, David Furman, Ronald Wong, Virginia Wingg, Maurice Druzin, Yasser El-Sayed, Cecele Quaintance, Ronald Gibbs, Gary Darmstadt, Gary Shaw, David Stevenson, Robert Tibshirani, Garry Nolan, David Lewis, Martin Ansgt and Brice Gaudilliere[Highlight] An Immune Clock of Human Pregnancy

Session 15 – RNA

Social event

Our social event will be held at Musée Montmartre and gardens of Renoir, a meeting place for many artists including Auguste Renoir and Suzanne Paladin.

Starting from 7 PM, we will enjoy the Van Dongen Exhibition, a cocktail for all tastes, including a wine tasting accompanied by smoked salmon appetizers starting.

To get there, take the metro line 10 at Jussieu towards Boulogne/Pont de Saint-Cloud, and get off at Sèvres-Babylone. Switch to line 12 towards Front Populaire, and get off at Lamarck-Caulaincourt. Then walk 7 minutes un-til the 12 rue Cortot. Remember to buy your train tickets in advance to avoid queuing at the ticket machine with around 400 other scientists!